She Self-Published 3 #1 Amazon Best-Sellers & Has Helped Hundreds Do It Too – Dr. Emee Vida Estacio

“If you have the expertise that could ease the pain… And if you make it actionable and practical, they’ll take it and thank you for it. They’ll be your raving fans and your book will sell itself.”


In Episode 43 of the 1st Floor Conversations podcast, we were joined by Dr. Emee Vida Estacio. Emee is a #1 best-selling author, chartered psychologist, and entrepreneur. Currently, she splits her time between her private psychology practice and her booming self-publishing business, where she helps business owners hit #1 on Amazon's best-seller list or their money back! She has a 100% success rate with her self-publishing clients!

Emee's passion for making psychology more accessible to the masses inspired her transition from academia to the world of self-publishing. Her brilliance is beyond palpable (Ph.D., CPsychol, SFHEA), but it is Emee's process to use a piece of writing to create leads, develop businesses, and bring to market a product that people ultimately care about which truly sets her apart. Let's dive in.

Why Self-Publishing?

Before we discuss the process and benefits of self-publishing, let's lay the foundation by comparing a traditional publishing route. Traditional publishing can be thought of as the hands-off, done for you (DFY) process of bringing a book to market. You write it; the publisher prepares and distributes the final product. So, why apply the time and effort to go it alone?

Self-publishing provides the author with the freedom and autonomy to bring their work to life. The turnaround is significantly faster; think hours instead of years. Self-publishing "giv[es] the power and the freedom back to the authors and also mak[es] readers the gatekeepers… you're giving the control back to the readers."

When you are in the publishing driver's seat, you maintain the flexibility to allow your reader's goals, fears, and frustrations to guide the content, positioning, and packaging of the final product. You have the freedom to create something that caters to your market and simultaneously serves a specific business goal.

Misconceptions About Self-Publishing

So, if business owners have the opportunity to grow their book of business by becoming a published author at the push of a button, what are the common misconceptions holding so many of them back?

"Self-publishing is going to cost me thousands of dollars."

One of the most unfortunate misconceptions is believing self-publishing is synonymous with vanity publishing. Vanity publishers will charge between $5-10K to do the job for you. In self-publishing, you become both the author and the publisher. You can go it alone or build a team of freelancers around you, but it does not have to cost thousands of dollars to publish a book.

"I need a massive social following to become a top seller."

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Many people assume they need a huge following to sell a book. In reality, the reverse is true; you can become a #1 best selling author with zero followers. You can use the book to grow your social influence and mailing list effectively. The book serves as a beacon for followers to find you. It deposits value into, as opposed to making a withdrawal from your target audience. All you need is a strategy, a plan, a proven launch sequence, and a commitment follow that sequence.

Ultimately, the barrier-to-entry is low, and the potential return is high. Yet, many authors struggle to effectively focus their time and resources to capture the greatest ROI.

3 Steps to Success

Emee leads a 12-week program that dives into the specific process to write and publish a top-ranked book. Here, she outlines the first three stages of that program that set all her clients up for success.

Understand your purpose.

Identify precisely why you want to write and publish a book. We have to have the end in mind so that the thoughts come out in a way conducive to the desired result. Do you want this to be a brand-building exercise? Do you want this to be a lead generation opportunity? If we don't have the purpose in mind, we're circling the drain.

Prepare your mindset.

Books are written with intention. Take the steps to ready your mind, your environment, and your schedule. Aspiring authors must learn to allocate the time to write. If this is left to chance, something else more pressing will always surface. Prepare your workspace and block out your schedule.

Know your market.

Avoid the prevalent mistake of creating something unmarketable by completing thorough market research before diving into your book. Market research is a systematic approach to finding high traffic keywords with low competition. It's merely an exercise of supply and demand. You are effectively identifying something that readers are hungry to consume, making it easier to promote in the long run.

Publisher rocket is a powerful tool to identify keywords, competition, trends, and even profitability. Getting started can be as straight forward as scouring blogs, forums, and the competition's reviews. Find out what is missing and, "you will be able to write a book that your readers will love because you actually listen, you paid attention."

When you're writing a book, it's not a one-way street, it's a dialogue. That is the simplest way to explain why books do well and why they don't. When you're writing something, because you want to tell people things, it's not as effective as saying, I heard you say something, I have something for you.

Tying it together with PAME

Self-Publishing Made Simple was built on the foundation of the Greek word, páme, meaning, let's go together. It's a reminder that we are all connected. We don't have to do things on our own. Moreover, Emee implemented PAME into her business model as an acronym. So, before you begin the journey to become a best selling author, remember:

Purpose: "Ground yourself in your why."

Action: "Couple your purpose with action."

Momentum: "Have the resilience to build the momentum to keep going."

Energy: "Tap into energy… build the energy… relate with people."

The Wrap Up

Writing a book is an extraordinary way to develop your brand, deliver value to a community, and drive leads to reach to you.

Publishing provides the outlet to connect with leads long before you capture their data, and "if you have the expertise that could ease the pain… And if you make it actionable and practical, they'll take it and thank you for it. They'll be your raving fans, and your book will sell itself."

Imagine if prospective clients came knocking with an appreciation of your approach and a desire to work together. Get started by joining the free Facebook community; Self-Publishing Made Simple.

As always, thank you for being here. This is 1st Floor Conversations, where we believe the view at the top is only as good as the foundation which preserves it.

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