But my friends call me Jay. Oh, and I'm the one on the left. Look, you'll find that I'm an open book; honest and unapologetically myself. When it comes to hosting this podcast, I make no exceptions. Allow me to introduce myself and share some background so you know exactly who you are spending time with.


I grew up in a small farm town in south-central Connecticut; less than 100-kids in my public school graduating class. When I came to Washington, D.C. for college, it was to see if I could leave a small town, start over, and win without any safety net.


Approaching a decade later and here we are. As a sales professional and a business person, I take pride in knowing that for the rest of my life I am trading off of my integrity and my ability to bring value to others. And rather than cause concern, that fueled my certainty. I started this podcast for a number of reasons. One of them was because I saw this as a fun way for me to own that truth and provide clarity as to what kind of person I am, whom you are doing business with, how I conduct myself.


No e-books, no courses, no right-hook for a "buy-now before the deal expires". 

This is just me, documenting the journey of learning the things I am curious about - that this growing community is curious about - so that together, we can grow, fail forward with confidence and build a phenomenal quality of life while knowing that through it all, the foundation we've built this life upon, is rock solid.


So I invite you to take a look at some personal photos below, listen and/or watch an episode that aligns with your interests, and decide if this is for you. If not, that's okay. But to be honest, I hope you join us because this is going to be a fun journey.